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Why Be a NECA 665 Contractor?

When you join NECA, you're no longer operating on an island as an electrical contractor. You're immediately connected to resources that help you become more successful.


NECA provides you a strong voice in the electrical industry. NECA is a large networking and lobbying group for the industry, with the ability to effect policy changes that are critical to your business.


NECA provides access to a talented pool of IBEW electricians and apprentices, who are the most highly-trained, safest electricians available. This allows you to tailor your workforce to your immediate project needs.


NECA provides educational training for you and your staff, to help you stay on top of the latest tools and technology and run your business more efficiently.

Setting an Example

When you’re a NECA contractor, you know that you’re providing a decent living, good health insurance and retirement for your employees. 

Get Started

If you're an electrical contractor who's thinking of joining NECA, learn more today.


Better Safety. Better Wages. Better Benefits. 

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