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Industrial Construction & Renovations

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Centennial Electric

Phone: 517-543-9900

Location: Charlotte, MI

Hatzel & Buehler, Inc.

Phone: 734-466-8700

Location: Livonia, MI

Mid-Michigan Electrical Solutions, LLC

Phone: 517-881-0404

Location: Haslett, MI

RM Electric

Phone: 517-323-7580

Location: Lansing, MI

Superior Electric
of Lansing, Inc.

Phone: 517-485-7125

Location: Lansing, MI

F. D. Hayes Electric Company

Phone: 517-482-0608

Location: Lansing, MI

H&R Electric 

Phone: 517-669-2102

Location: Dewitt, MI

Motor City Electric Co.

Phone: 517-293-3560

Location: Perry, MI

Shaw Electric

Phone: 248-228-2000

Location: Southfield, MI

Summit Contractors, Inc.

Phone: 517-575-0881

Location: Haslett, MI

Halligan Electric, Inc.

Phone: 810-238-8581

Location: Flint, MI

Leading Edge Electrical Technologies

Phone: 517-881-1022

Location: St. Johns, MI

Newkirk Electric

Phone: 517-977-0926

Location: Lansing, MI

Superior Electric

Great Lakes Company

Phone: 517-347-6679

Location: Lansing, MI

Swan Electric Company, Inc.

Phone: 517-882-3904

Location: Lansing, MI

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