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Generac Generators

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Are you prepared for the next power outage? Whether a thunderstorm, winter ice storm, grid failure or transformer issue, Michiganders appreciate the preparedness and peace of mind of a Generac Generator.


With a permanently installed generator, you don’t even need to be home when disaster hits. Generac generators activate automatically whenever the power goes out, and can even run for weeks to keep your home, business or industry on track. Generac offers multiple sizes, which means you can opt to power everything or just the essentials.


The highest standards to keep your home running safely & efficiently


Custom electrical solutions to fit your needs


Locally owned and operated teams who are investing back in Washtenaw and Jackson counties

You rely on electricity to run your home, and your life. Freezers and refrigerators, HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, medical equipment, garage doors, not to mention the internet and electronics, all depend on you having power.


Losing power is not only inconvenient, but can damage your budget due to food spoilage, dining out, hotel costs and any property damages. Of course, there are additional costs if you work from home. Thankfully, a Generac generator will keep you up and running. With a Generac  powering either everything in your home, or just the necessities, you will be secure in the knowledge that the next power outage won’t affect your wallet or your lifestyle.





A Generac generator for your business just makes good sense. Continuity of power means your doors stay open, often when folks need you the most. Your customers will be thankful for your availability, especially during what might be a challenging time in the community.


Further, a power outage means no revenue for you and your employees. Prevent any losses and remain “business as usual” with a Generac generator.

Industrial, Municipal, Healthcare

Industrial Engineer

The ability of your entire manufacturing process to continue during a power outage is vital in order to prevent disruption, downtime and costly losses. Generac generators have all the power you need in order to keep your industry, school, hospital or municipal building up and running.

Local authorized Generac installers

F. D. Hayes Electric Company

Phone: 517-482-0608

Location: Lansing, MI

Better Safety. Better Wages. Better Benefits. 

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