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A Valued Partnership

F.D. Hayes Electric Company, a member of IBEW NECA 665, is proud of its long-term relationship with Mid-Michigan Recovery Services (MMRS). MMRS has been serving the Lansing community for almost 60 years by helping those affected by substance abuse. They provide a personalized approach using evidence-based practices that teach and model healthy lifestyles. This spring, MMRS is opening The Pentecost Center, a new outpatient therapy center that will also house the main offices. 

F.D. Hayes Electric Company connected this wonderful organization with IBEW NECA 665, which provided funding for the electrical work. Not only that, the project is providing on-the-job training for MMRS clients who are enrolled in the Lightkeepers Program. The Lightkeepers Program offers paid on-the-job training for men and women in recovery who live in MMRS’s Safe Harbor Program.

F.D. Hayes Electric Company is looking forward to its continued partnership with MMRS. They are honored to play a role in providing assistance to those with substance abuse problems throughout Lansing.

If you are interested in learning more about Mid-Michigan Recovery Services and the work they do, please follow this link.


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