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Ask These Questions Before Hiring A Solar Contractor

Are you looking into solar? Whether it's for a home, business, school or municipal building, the rules in Michigan are clear. Solar equipment is electrical equipment, and electrical equipment must be installed by an electrical contractor who is licensed by the State of Michigan.

Why does solar equipment have to be installed by a licensed electrician? It's to protect your safety, and the safety of workers. Solar equipment that isn't properly installed can cause fires or even electrocution. And it isn't enough to have a single electrician on the job. Anyone handling and installing solar equipment must be a licensed electrician.

Questions to ask before hiring a contractor for your solar installation:

  • Are you a State of Michigan licensed electrical contractor? Check license.

  • Do you employ licensed State of Michigan electricians? Check licenses.

  • Are apprentices enrolled in a U.S. Dept. of Labor registered apprenticeship?

  • Have your employees completed OSHA safety training?

  • Does your company require mandatory drug screening of all employees?

  • Do you have all necessary safety equipment and is that equipment tested?

  • What is your Better Business Bureau rating?

  • How long have you been in business as an electrical contractor?

  • Will you pull all permits required for the job?

  • Will all necessary inspections be performed on the installation?

IBEW NECA 665 contractors are fully licensed and qualified to install solar equipment. Find a contractor today!


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