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Charge Your EV While You Drive!

Imagine being able to charge your electric vehicle while you drive. This new technology is getting ready to be publicly tested for the first time, over the next two years, right here in the automobile capital of the world. Two stretches of road near downtown Detroit will soon have technology embedded that will let cars charge while being driven. This is the first public roadway test of inductive charging.

How does it work? Similar to setting a mobile phone on a wireless charger, coils embedded in the road will transfer magnetic energy right to a receiver mounted under an electric vehicle. Using a phone app or vehicle control, drivers opt whether or not to charge their car for a fee.

One of the most exciting aspects is how this could improve the trucking industry in terms of vehicle emissions. Currently, EV batteries for long-haul semi-trucks are extremely heavy, expensive and inconvenient to charge. With electromagnetic inductive charging, smaller and cheaper batteries that require less charging time could be on the horizon. Zero emissions, here we come!

What does this mean for the electrical industry? Better infrastructure and solutions for EV charging means more car buyers choosing electric vehicles. As this new EV road charging technology spreads across the country, our specialized EVITP (Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program) certification and expertise will only grow in demand and keep our business booming.

If you’d like to learn more about Michigan’s EV charging roads, check out this article.


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