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Five Benefits of Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology continues to gain in popularity, and it’s really no wonder that this is the case. Smart home options are increasingly affordable and user-friendly. But what exactly is a smart home?

In a nutshell, it’s when a group of electrical devices are connected by a common network that can be controlled remotely. This remote control can be done using an app on your phone or tablet, or from a smart home hub such as Alexa Echo or an Apple HomePod Mini. Now, this isn’t to say all smart homes are created equal. Homeowners decide which outlets and/or electrical devices are to be part of their network. Some of the devices that you can opt to connect are thermostats, appliances, lights, doorbells, locks, security systems, cameras and even pet feeders. There are truly so many possibilities, but is it worth it?

Let’s take a look at five of the biggest benefits to turning your home into a smart home.

Energy Efficiency

The savings are real! Smart thermostats and lights mean improved energy efficiency. Smart thermostats offer better control over your home’s heating and cooling. You can program your settings, and as a smart thermostat learns your schedule and preferences, it can even suggest improvements. In terms of lights, they can be programmed to turn on and off automatically as you enter and leave a room, and can can even be programmed to dim automatically. Using less power means lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint.

Safety, Security and Protection

Smart home technology allows you to connect and control your alarm system, motion detector lights, door locks and doorbell and surveillance cameras from anywhere. With smart technology, you receive security alerts and have the ability to monitor your house in real-time from anywhere. Additionally, you can add functions that allow alerts for smoke, water leaks and electrical items that have been unintentionally left on or plugged in. No need to turn the car around anymore to make sure your oven is off!


Having one hub running it all means managing your home is a breeze and always right at your fingertips. Plus there are so many possibilities that will just make life a little easier. Imagine being able to preheat your oven from afar, unlock your door from anywhere (no more worrying about forgetting your key) and being able to check that your lights and appliances are off and your garage is closed.


Once you start getting smarter, it can definitely be hard to stop. Thankfully, you can add new appliances and devices whenever you wish. Smart home technology allows you to easily add to your smart home hub as your family’s needs change and grow.

The Wow Factor

We have to admit, smart technology is really cool, and sometimes adults need new toys, too. Being able to automate daily tasks is not only a game-changer when it comes to efficiency and security, it’s also fun! Plus, our phones are with us all the time, so why not use them for saving money and improving our home’s safety? It’s a win all around.

Our IBEW NECA 665 electricians can help you create a smart home that fits your lifestyle. We evaluate your home’s capabilities, add any needed smart outlets, help ensure the appliances and devices you want on your system can “talk” to each other, install any necessary wiring and, of course, add any items you wish such as smart motion detector lights, doorbell and surveillance cameras, smart locks and more. Contact one of our highly-trained and skilled electricians today!


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