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Hiring Unionized Construction Workers Leads to Better Results

Construction projects done with a unionized crew are more likely to be completed on time and with fewer labor shortages. While this comes as no surprise to us, it’s still worth sharing the findings of a new report from the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI) and Project for Middle Class Renewal (PMCR). There are worker shortages everywhere, but having unionized workers is the key element to projects getting finished and contractors keeping their workers.

The current construction market is hot, but unfortunately so are worker shortages. Nonunion firms are especially hit hard in terms of hiring and retaining employees, leading to project delays. On the flip side, union firms offer better wages, benefits and training, and therefore find it easier to hire and retain workers, leading to projects being completed on time.

In order to help fix the labor shortage, the authors of the report suggest:

  • Promoting access to joint labor management apprenticeship programs.

  • Bringing back prevailing wage laws to set standard wages.

  • Making it less “onerous” to organize workers.

  • Improving access to childcare.

  • Paid leave.

Bottom line: Hire union contractors if you want the work done on time with enough crew to handle the project. You’ll also be getting the best trained experts for the job. Read more.

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