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Michigan is Going Electric

And we are here for it!

Recently, lawmakers, educators and automotive industry leaders gathered at Michigan State University to discuss Michigan’s electric vehicle future. The state’s current plan is to bring 21,000 automotive industry jobs, much in the electric sector. Between that great news and President Biden’s infrastructure law putting $110 million toward expanding Michigan’s electric vehicle charging network, our future is bright!

In fact Lt. Governor Gilchrist shared, “We’re on the cusp of another revolution. We’re on the cusp of this electrified and autonomous future, for mobility and the state of Michigan.” We couldn’t agree more. Our children, the environment and our economy will all benefit from Michigan’s electrification.

If you are interested in installing one or more EV stations at your home or business, our highly-trained contractors are ready to help. We are Michigan’s electric experts!

Read here to find out more about our state’s electrifying plans.


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