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Our Story: We are IBEW NECA 665

IBEW 665 in Lansing, Michigan consists of the area's finest electrical and communications contractors. Our mission is to provide the people of Michigan with the highest quality electrical service possible.

By affiliating with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA), Local 665 is able to provide blue-ribbon services to our customers and hire only the best, most qualified individuals to handle each project. 

What are the benefits of choosing IBEW NECA 665? 

  • All of our NECA contractors are licensed, bonded and insured. You can be confident when hiring one of our NECA contractors that you’re dealing with reputable, responsible and reliable electrical professionals.

  • NECA contractors and Local 665 electricians stand behind our work. We do our best to do it right the first time to avoid irritating callbacks.

  • All NECA contractors and IBEW Local 665 electricians believe in competitive rates that reflect the quality of the materials and the professional capabilities of all those involved in the project. Because of union members’ experience and expertise, work is often completed faster and more efficiently than with less-experienced staff or pickup help.

  • NECA electrical contractors welcome the opportunity to bid on your project, offering competitive quotes and solid value throughout the Local 665 jurisdiction.

  • We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all members of our communities. We absolutely support all EEO and AA goals and regulations and comply fully with them.

According to NECA: “NECA contractors set the standard for traditional and integrated electrical systems and lead the industry in the practical application of new technologies. Our members offer their clients superior performance and are committed to delivering quality results. Our contractors are the experts at the top of their field. They know the latest technology, take the time to understand your business's unique needs, and they find the innovative solutions to meet them.” 

The electrical contractors below make up IBEW NECA 665. Every month, we will highlight one contractor on our blog to showcase the top-tier services they provide to the community.

  • Centennial Electric 

  • Electrical Insights 

  • F.D. Hayes Electric Company 

  • GSI, Inc. 

  • Halligan Electric, Inc. 

  • Hatzel & Buehler, Inc. 

  • Havel 

  • H&R Electric 

  • I.COMM

  • JT & T Electric 

  • Leading Edge Electrical Technologies 

  • Newkirk Electric 

  • RM Electric 

  • Shaw Electric 

  • Summit Contractors, Inc. 

  • Superior Electric of Lansing, Inc. 

  • Swan Electric Company, Inc.  

  • Wiltec Technologies


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