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Women in Construction Survey Results

The results of a recent survey by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) offer an important glimpse into the experiences of women and nonbinary people working in the construction industry.

The report reveals several positives for women and nonbinary people working in construction occupations, along with insight into areas that need improving. Many respondents expressed enjoyment of the actual work, and appreciation of the pay and the benefits, particularly union members. Union members reported higher pay and and receiving more benefits such as healthcare and pensions - no surprise!

On the flip side, according to respondents, aspects that need improving are workplace culture and atmosphere. While many are happy with their particular environment, almost half reported that they have considered leaving, most often because of discrimination and lack of respect. Additionally, close to half contend with being held to a higher standard than men and an unsupportive or hostile environment.

Right now only 4% in the construction industry are women and nonbinary people. We at IBEW NECA 665 have made it a priority for years to increase our diversity, and our union contracts mandate that contractors be responsive to any workplace concerns that arise!

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